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Exterior Timber Design Notes

1. Self Cleaning Timber Decks  (100KB PDF)

2. Maximising Timber Decking Substructure Life  (160KB PDF)

3. Correct use of Heart in Hardwood  (220KB PDF)

4. Use of timber "Sleepers" in Landscaping   (320KB PDF)

5. 150mm x 150mm Hardwood Timber in landscaping  (120KB PDF)

6. Hardwood Timber Posts in Concrete  (120KB PDF)

7. Timber Durability Ratings and AS 5604 - Get it right!  (120KB PDF)

8. Using Cypress Timber Externally  (80KB PDF)


Resource: www.outdoorstructures.com.au/timber_external_notes.php Printed: 2024-06-18.