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Hardwood Timber Boardwalks

Hardwood Timber Boardwalks from Outdoor Structures Australia

Outdoor Structure Australia’s largest selling product range is its hardwood timber boardwalks. There are two main styles based on the superstructure - driven piles or bedlogs, both of which are illustrated.

The section dealing with timber boardwalk design covers in detail the choice of the footing style. While the superstructures are standard, it is strongly recommended that the footings be designed for each application. This can either be done by the client using the extensive technical Information in the design page or by us.

Engineering is charged at our cost and we are happy to quote the engineering for your project anywhere in the world.

Ideally, a site visit should be made. If this is impractical, we can design and certify your boardwalk if supplied with soil tests, track layout and site photographs.

Working drawings can prepared on your behalf to utilise the latest in timber design and treatment. Contact Ted Stubbersfield via edgarstubbersfield@gmail.com

A materials takeoff estimate is prepared and quoted and can be supplied anywhere in the world.

Our timber sizes take into account the mechanical damage caused by some fasteners as well as giving attention to maximising the recovery from the sawlog.

This gives a boardwalk that is truly environmentally responsible as it will reach its maximum potential life reducing damage to the habitat while minimising the impact on the habitat from which the timber is drawn. Australian Spotted gum is not a rainforest timber and most is cut from state forests which are logged on a sustained yield basis.

Comprehensive assembly instructions have been prepared which outline the best practice to be adopted in the construction of our exterior timber structures.

Deckwood for Boardwalks brochure ›(680KB PDF).

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