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Timber Product Design Aids for Park Infrastructure and Landscaping
Providing dynamic blocks for Autocad 2006 and later

For your convenience we are providing our landscaping products as .dwg files containing dynamic blocks. You will require at Autocad version 2006 or later to be able to ulitilse these dynamic blocks.

When ordering you will need to specify the design type.

Pedestrian Barrier Systems - Stainless Steel Cable

Product Range & ModelsImageTypical PDFCAD File
Outdoor Structures Australia System 1
Stainless Steel Cable Pedestrian Barrier System PDF
(S1 & S2)
AutoCAD file
Outdoor Structures Australia System 2
Stainless Steel Cable Pedestrian Barrier System PDF
(S1 & S2)
AutoCAD file
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Each product is presented as an ‘illustrative’ photo (where available), a ‘typical’ PDF for on-screen viewing or printing and a .DWG Autocad drawing. The PDF may show only one model while the DWG files normally includes all models within a product series.

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