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Tanacoat Exterior Timber Finish

Tanacoat is a high flash point solvent based, clear coating that enhances timber grain while providing protection against sunlight and moisture.

Whether through ultra-violet effects or water absorption, exterior timber surfaces suffer premature degredation. Tanacoat has been developed as a maintenance protection system for weather exposed timber structures.

Tanacoat is…

Tanacoat Tints/Colours

Available for seperate purchase from Luxury Paints ›, Tanacoat can be tinted in the following colours:

See Tanacoat Colours for timber samples (2.4MB PDF))

Tanacoat on Aged Western Red Cedar

The photo below left shows the outside of a western red cedar door prior to coating. The photo on the right shows the timber after a light sand and a single coat of Tanacoat.

Western red cedar door prior to coating Western red cedar door after coating

The photo below left shows cladding prior to treatment exposed to weather for 25 years. The photo to the right shows the cladding after a light sand and two coats of Tanacoat.

Exposed cladding prior to externior timber treatment Timber cladding after a light sand and two coats of Tanacoat

There was no additional coating on the doors or the cladding other than the original coat 25 years previous.

Ordering   (Australia only)

  1. Purchase from Wilson Timbers online ›
  2. Place an order using Mastercard, or Visa via phone 07 5462 4255
  3. Place an order via eamil via sales@outdoorstructures.com.au


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