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For your convenience we are providing our landscaping products as .dwg files containing dynamic blocks. You will require at Autocad version 2006 or later to be able to ulitilse these dynamic blocks.

When ordering you will need to specify the design type.

Timber Handrail Design Notes:

These handrail designs give attention to timber moisture shedding. Even with simple products, such as a dressed vertical rail, this eventually becomes an issue.
To assist you in determining your handrail requirements, please see our Aide Memoire (32 KB PDF).
Also see the Handrail System Bike & Disabled dimensions (96 KB PDF).

Commercial Timber Handrail Profile Designs

Spacing 2 metres - Bikeway application shown.

Cruiserline timber handrail image Cruiserline timber handrail design

Grab Rail
Spacing 1.5m

The grabrail handrail is intended to meet the requirements of the disability code. A range of custom made brackets are available but commercially available brackets have been modified by our customers.

Grab Rail timber handrail image Grab Rail timber handrail design

Spacing - up to 2.4m

The curved top sheds moisture extending the life. Also available in 120x44 (VR120/44) and 95x44 (VR95/44)

Vertical timber rail 145 by 44 image Vertical timber rail 145 by 44 design

HR145/69 or 44
The 44mm thick version of this rail is normally fully supported with a 95x45 underneath

HR 145 by 69 timber handrail design HR 145 by 44 timber handrail design

This handrail is also available in 170x44 (HR170/44) 145x69 (HR145/69) and 170x69 (HR170.69).
The 69mm handrail does not have an antiwarp groove

HR 145 by 44 timber handrail design HR 145 by 44 antiwarp groove timber handrail design

Queenslander Commercial
Spacing 1.5m

This rail is a heavier edition of the normal domestic rail and is used in outside Queenslander style bridge rails. The balustrade is normally 42x35 and the rails fixed to the posts with a timber tenon called "good old fashioned fixings".

Queenslander Commercial image Queenslander Commercial Breadloaf timber handrail design

Top right: Breadloaf bridge rail design
Bottom left: Bottom bridge rail design
Bottom Right: Ladies waist rail design.

Queenslander Commercial Bottom Rail timber handrail design Queenslander Commercial Ladies Waist timber handrail design

Standard Metal Rail 

Standard Metal Handrail

Note Well: Some of these timber handrail profiles are complex to manufacture and may only be available as part of a larger order. Please note that dimension changes cannot be made at all to many profiles. For those that can be altered, changes require re-tooling which involves $500-$1000 of additional cost. Changes such as increasing the angle of the sloping top can cause the rail to be unstable due to differential moisture contents.

Custom Timber Handrail Profiles

Product Range & ModelsImageTypical PDFCAD File
Custom Handrail 1
Spacing 2.5m
Suitable for applications where a heavy look is required
Custom Timber handrail 1 PDF AutoCAD file
Custom Handrail 2
Spacing 2m
Custom Timber handrail 2 PDF AutoCAD file
Custom Handrail 3
Spacing 2m
Custom Timber handrail 3 PDF AutoCAD file
Custom Handrail 4
Spacing 3.0m
Custom Timber handrail 4 PDF AutoCAD file

Custom Handrail 5
Spacing 1.5m when used as illustrated

The post system illustrated is available from Outdoor Structures Australia

Custom timber handrail design 5 Custom timber handrail design 5 n/a
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Each product is presented as an ‘illustrative’ photo (where available), a ‘typical’ PDF for on-screen viewing or printing and a .DWG Autocad drawing. The PDF may show only one model while the DWG files normally includes all models within a product series.

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