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Outdoor Structures Australia has been manufacturing footbridges for many years but we had not produced vehicle access bridges as there was also a major design problem to overcome.

The problem was simply that if we designed for a 5 tonne load which would be quite satisfactory for a car, we could still reasonably expect the access bridge to be used by any vehicle that could negotiate the access road. This would include semi trailers and fire engines.

This was not a merely theoretical problem as the first vehicles to use the bridge would presumably be cement trucks and a load of bricks.

Clearly a 5 tonne bridge would not be suitable, a bridge with full T44 capacity is required. In timber, this unfortunately conjures up visions of the "old rattlers" on country roads.

Our company, in conjunction with James Pierce of James Pierce and Associates has developed an access bridge which gives the necessary T44 load without the problems associated with these older bridges.

Many features of this T44 bridge design are unique.

We believe that this bridge will meet the real needs of engineers, developers and local government for a low cost, high load carrying vehicle bridge. Spans are available initially up to 6.0m

44 tonne load vehicle bridge

Pre-fab bridge span

stainless screws attached to steel T beams

Steel T beams

Volute washers to accommodate shrinkage

Volute washers

J-bolt tie downs on a 44T Vehicle Bridge

J-bolt tie downs

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